Georgie Allen - Cape Town's most down-at-heel lawyer - is back. And this time, for some unfathomable reason, his In tray is bulging (and for a change not just with pro bono cases). A promiscuous professor with serious political connections - who may or may not have murdered one of his students - and the country's first gay divorce, involving an American millionaire, top the pile. But just when it appears that things are finally coming together for Georgie (except for his already complicated love life, which seems to be taking a disasterous turn) his new-found success is put into perspective when he receives a panicked call from his brother Greg, a game ranger in neighbouring Botswana. A twelve-year-old child has been blinded in a horrific hyena attack, and the victim's parents are accusing Greg of negligence. With his brother's career on the line, Georgie heads north to investigate, accompanied by his ever-present sidekick, feisty Scots advocate Patrick McLennan (aka the Poison Dwarf), whose bush skills prove to be as dubious as his personal eating plan. Will Georgie be able to save his brother from financial ruin and simultaneously keep his high-profile clients happy back home and his turbulent love life under control? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure - it's going to be a hell of a ride.


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For those in search of a mightily entertaining work of fiction that tickles and stimulates in equal measure, a thriller with a brain and a heart of gold, Sarah Lotz’s Tooth and Nailed is recommended unreservedly. JONATHAN AMID, LITNET

Lotz is more interested in her characters and Allen’s wry perspective is what drives the first-person narrative which, on occasion, is laugh-out-loud funny. STEPHEN COAN