Diane Awerbuck reviews Sarah Lotz’s Impossible For The Sunday Times

August 19, 2022

Diane Awerbuck at The Sunday Times reviews Sarah's new book Impossible and gives it a full five stars!

After a brief synopsis Awerbuck writes that Sarah "reminds us that it’s the capacity to play that keeps us with our friends or our partners — it’s what we mean when we talk about “the spark” that animates a satisfying connection." Awerbuck also writes some very sweet sentiments to do with writing that alludes to the rom-com genre.

Every successive novel is fantastic — supremely clever but also terribly kind, and it’s a rare combination. Impossible is the consummation of these aspects of Lotz’s work, and it reads like Nora Ephron and Ursula le Guin cracking each other up at the bar. It tickles me to think of the mainstream readers who are getting a decent dose of science fiction, and liking the experience.