Kirkus Call Impossible "thought-provoking and clever genre-bending blend of romance and sci-fi"

August 10, 2023

Kirkus Reviews had some super lovely things to say about Impossible! Warning to readers: massive spoilers in the OG review.

Beyond grateful for this incredibly lovely review of my last book Impossible.

In Kirkus Reviews' words:

Lotz takes what could be a confusing concept and makes it fun, heartbreaking, and eminently readable all at once. Bee and Nick’s emails are witty and romantic, while their supporting characters are entertaining in both worlds. Lotz manages to combine romance and science fiction into a book that will produce laughter and tears. Readers will find themselves wondering how, or if, Bee and Nick will end up together until the very last pages.

A thought-provoking and clever genre-bending blend of romance and science fiction.